May 7, 2017


GENEBANDHU with its sincere efforts to help the unfortunate is taking the step ahead to create the awareness about stem cells among the public. It is an effort to fight for every life fighting a life threatening condition by building up a national stem cell registry. The efforts of the team to help the people is getting challenged by the huge technological costs involved in the process.

The registry originated in spite of limited availability of funds, driven by the passion and mutual efforts of the individuals towards a social cause. The monetary demands of registry are supported by Chimera Transplant Research foundation, NABL accredited lab and the funds raised from various philanthropic individuals supporting the common cause. Given the very low probability of identifying a donor match, this funding is too small to reach the target and extend help to every patient.

It costs us to add every potential stem cell donor to our registery. So the more money you raise, the more donors can be added and the more lives we can save. It’s that simple.

So far, with our database of voluntary donors, we have successfully assisted many transplants, which has increased our confidence and motivated us to increase our database exponentially. But still, the low probability of finding a matching donor and the high cost involvement remain a challenge.

And that’s why we need your help. Every donation helps to get more people on our register. And every new person could save the life of someone in desperate need of a transplant.

You can contribute by clicking on this link. [donate link]