May 7, 2017


Volunteer with us (attach form)

GENEBANDHU is a team of philanthropic individuals, who aim to fight for every individual suffering from blood disorders through the lifesaving “stem cell transplant” technology. We need constant assistance of volunteers who can contribute to the cause. Without our volunteers, we simply cannot do what we do. They are at the very heart of our work.

You can help us in different ways, for example, raising money to increase awareness, inspiring people to join the registry or supporting our notable donors. There is a role to suit everyone. And in return, you will not just end up learning about the cause this NGO works for but also be moved by the momentum of the cause and the challenges we try to conquer on the way.

Whether you have a minute, an hour, a day or continuous support to share, by volunteering for us at GENEBANDHU, you become an integral part in the life-saving process of a patient.

“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it” – Mother Teresa

Volunteer FAQ’s

Following are some questions and answers that may help you in making the decision of volunteering with us.

  1. Do I get paid for my volunteering work?

Not in monetary terms. It is an unpaid volunteering opportunity.

  1. Are there fixed hours assigned for me to complete as a volunteer?

No. Depending upon the availability and spare time, one may volunteer accordingly.

  1. What kind of work will the organization engage me in?

From raising money to increasing awareness, inspiring people to join our register to supporting our remarkable donors, there’s a role to suit everyone. And in return, you’ll get to meet new people, gain new skills, boost your CV and feel good knowing you’ve helped give patients with life threatening diseases the chance to live.

  1. What impact would I, as a volunteer, have on the organization?

The satisfaction derived from helping the helpless, and the contentment obtained from watching the infirm heal cannot be quantified nor measured.  By volunteering for us at GENEBANDHU, you are helping to save lives.

  1. What would be my incentive to become a part of your organization?

We will engage you in a role that will suit you, based on the volunteer form you fill out. In return you get to hone your interpersonal, organizational and soft skills which will benefit your professional career as well as personal life. You will also receive a certificate of excellence for your volunteering effort.