May 7, 2017

Vision & Mission

The objective of GENEBANDHU is to build a potential and diverse pool of donors of Indian origin so we can support patients with blood disorders by overcoming the challenge of finding a match for their stem cell transplantation.

Studies show that the genetic pool of Indians is conserved and hence there is a higher probability of getting a match within a pool of similar country origin. Also, if a donor is found within the country, the cost of stem cells transplant drastically reduces.

This initiative towards creating an Indian registry of stem cell donors will help in spreading awareness about the technology (stem cell transplantation) involved in elimination of the alarming blood disorders, leukemia, lymphoma, and developing unity across nations and across religions and galvanizing the essence of selflessness among people.

We have over 10,000 donors in our database, one that keeps growing with the help and cooperation of empathetic people who gladly chose humanity over selfishness.

Imagine the impact it would cause, if in a nation of over a 1 billion people, even 1% of them would heed to their conscience and register! The resolute, stand up to be counted on every opportunity life provides.


To create one of the largest stem cell registries in India so that every patient gets a match and does not lose hope because of lack of donors.


To rise above the fear of blood disorders.