May 14, 2017

Volunteer Stories

Hardik and Sahitya, whilst pursuing their MBA from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi connected with us during a real-life case study on Ananya (4 year old girl, suffering from Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia), co-sponsored by GENEBANDHU and MDI Gurgaon. We have seen their commendable contributions in terms of ideation for new website development, designing of monthly newsletters and working on themes for social media.


Working for GENEBANDHU was like completing myself. Before this I never had the experience of working for an NGO. It is only after coming to GENEBANDHU, I realized how even a small contribution from an individual can help in creating a difference. In future, I wish to give more efforts and time for the cause.

Sahitya Elluru, MBA Student, DMS-IIT Delhi

Initially it was the innocence of the little girl Ananya that touched my heart to come forward and contribute to GENEBANDHU. But from then, every month I have seen many more Ananyas who are in need of help. Working at GENEBANDHU made me feel self-contained and I even realized the importance of even our smallest contribution to help motivate others towards the common cause. I wish to contribute to my best ability towards the cause and hope all success in the future initiatives of GENEBANDHU.

Radhika Kaul, BA Economics Honors Student, Delhi University

I wished to volunteer for this NGO because the initiative that has been taken up by them is something very different from what I have usually come across. Before working here, I had no idea what a PBSC Transplant is and how it is an option for people suffering from blood disorders. The peers in the organization are extremely helpful. I learned how the whole process goes about, from the matching of donor to when the transplant takes place. Working for GENEBANDHU has been a wonderful experience, because I am playing a part in improving and saving a person’s life from the disease they are ailing from, however small that part might be and I am glad that I am a part of this change.