May 14, 2017

Donor Stories

Journey of ordinary people with an extraordinary heart and soul – Amandeep Singh, Zoravar Singh and Captain Mohan Bir Singh

Amandeep Singh, a sound technician by profession and an ordinarily looking boy in the eyes of his family and friends never dreamt that his noble heart and deed of blood donation would take him one more step closer to exploring inner peace and happiness. For him it was yet another ordinary day, coming back home from late night work, sleeping the whole day, spending quality time with his family and visiting his beloved Waheguruji (Gurudwara). On his visit to Gurudwara he saw see people donating blood. Amandeep could not stop himself and went to the registration table of the camp. Soon he found out that the camp was not for blood donation but for searching a potential unrelated stem cell donor for one of the patients suffering from blood disorder. Without even giving a second thought, he registered himself with GENEBANDHU. After two years, Amandeep got a call from Team GeneBandhu saying his HLA Type was a match for one patient from Unites States of America. He was astonished to hear this news and wondered how a female patient from different land can be his GENEBANDHU. The GENEBANDHU team explained to him the stem cell donation process and without further ado, Amandeep was ready for the donation and saving a precious life.

Zoravar Singh, his name says it all. A firm human being with a firm determination. As a daily wage carpenter, he does not earn enough money but he earned lot of respect and love from the society. He always wanted to do something for the community, and had donated blood multiple times even though his family did not support it. His constant efforts to help people, spread happiness bought him to the stem cell donation drive which was organized in Punjab. After enrolling years passed but Zoravar Singh did not get a call for a match and he felt that his efforts had gone waste. However, one day his phone rang and he got a call from GENEBANDHU that his HLA Type had matched a young boy from his own land. GENEBANDHU team started the donation procedure. Zoravar refused any help for transportation and other support for the transplant. He did the donation without his family’s knowledge.

“I am fortunate that god choose me for a noble deed. There can be nothing great than saving a life. Tell me, when to donate stem cells again”

Captain Mohan Bir Singh is a retired army man from Indian Army. Since childhood, he was taught that humanity is the top most religion and he made it a point to follow this principle throughout his life. Post his voluntary retirement he had everything that a man desires, successful family business, national golfer sons, reputed name in Indian Army and Punjab, but still there was one thing that constantly made him feel guilty. And that guilt was being unable to save his close family member who was diagnosed with blood cancer (ALL) due to unavailability of the donor. During the course of time when he was searching a 10/10 donor for his one of the family member, there was no match in the family and his family member could not be saved. One day while he was busy in a meeting, he got a call from GENEBANDHU that he has matched a 7-year-old girl. By donating his stem cells for this young girl, he was able to recover from the guilt that had been worrying him for many years.